Check Stocks

Unfortunately, fraud is prevalent in today’s business environment. One in every 10,000 business checks is fraudulently duplicated or altered. The average loss is over $1500 per occirrence. To combat fraud, Phillips Business Forms offers an array of standard and up-grade features to defend against counterfeiting techniques such as chemical alteration, erasure, toner removal and photocopying. The key to selecting intelligent combinations of security features is to include both overt (visible) and covert (hidden) characteristics. This alerts check handlers and deters would-be thieves. Phillips offers a wide variety of both visible and hidden, printed and built-in paper security feature combinations that will ensure due diligence and deter fraud.

Border Copy Warning

A notice or warning designed to advise document handlers and potential fraud artists of specific overt and covert safeguards present. Commonly printed in reverse type on face of document above background screen or pantograph.


Miniature print or text which appears as screened line or border. Type commonly consists of a company name or warning message that is verified with a magnifying glass. Copied or scanned attempts appear plugged and/or unreadable.

Artificial Watermark

Logo or pattern printed in opaque ink normally on back of document. Visible when viewed at 450 angle. Provides immediate verification of authenticity.

ODT Void Pantograph

Background designs or screens which expose a hidden “VOID” pattern when scanned or copied. “VOID” commonly printed in repeat pattern for the purpose of complicating counterfeiting attempts.

Hologaphic Foil Stamping

A hot stamped foil image appearing as three dimensional or rainbow colored to the document handler. Unique and distinctive as a document feature, it simultaneously serves as a safeguard. Copying and scanning resistant.

Ultraviolet (UV) Ink

Image(s) printed in invisible ink, when exposed under ultraviolet (black) light appears as glowing, bright fluorescent color. UV ink can he used as a second color in pantograph designs and/or as an artificial watermark. Provides immediate verification of authenticity.


Pattern or logo formed into paper resulting in raised or three dimensional image. Gives a distinctive and affluent appearance to documents, especially when combined with foil stamping. Tactile property of feature provides immediate verification.

Bleed Thru MICR & Arabic Numbers

Aniline dye in ink results in numbers penetrating paper, developing into visible, ghosted or blurred image on back of document. Provides immediate verification of authenticity.

Foil Stamping

A hot stamped decorative feature difficult to copy or scan. If attempted, copied or scanned mage will appear mostly black due to reflection effect. Available in solid color or as rainbow.

Padlock Icon

A symbol, indicating the presence it of security technologies, is used to prevent copying, alterations, counterfeiting or other fraudulent methods. The icon is a certified mark of the Financial Stationers Association. It is printed on the face of documents with
a "warning box" commonly printed on the back.

Fluorescent Fibers

Invisible unless exposed under ultraviolet (black) light where fibers appear as bright, glowing yellow threads. Copiers cannot reproduce.

Fluorescent Artificial Watermark

Visible under ultraviolet (black) light or when held at 45° angle. Copier and/or scanner resistant.


A supplemental feature developed to thwart attempts by forgers to alter laser printed documents. A unique surface treatment yields greater adhesion of toner on surface of document. Any alteration attempts (usually by cellophane tape) become clearly detectable.

Black and Blue Dye(s)

Dyes react to a wide variety of chemical solvents used to remove information from documents. Black or blue stain clearly visible upon placement of alteration solvents.

Multi-language Brown Stain VOID

Brown colored “VOID” appears in six languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and Chinese) signaling contact of a bleach or chlorine based ink eradicator on document. Provides immediate notification that document is non-negotiable.